Phoebe Anna Traquair Phoebe Anna Traquair, 1852 - 1936. Artist (Self-portrait) 1911


Born 1852
Died 1936
Nationality Scottish
Birth place Dublin
Death place Edinburgh

Traquair's murals, easel paintings, embroideries, book illustrations and jewellery brought her international recognition, as one of the most accomplished artists of the Arts and Crafts movement. She was originally from Dublin but moved to Edinburgh after her marriage to Dr Ramsay Traquair, Keeper of Natural History at the Royal Scottish Museum. She played a significant and practical role in the promotion of decorative art in public buildings, for example, through her murals in the Sick Children's Hospital. In 1920 Traquair was among the first women to be made an honorary member of the Royal Scottish Academy.

Glossary terms

Glossary terms

Arts and Crafts

British movement of the late nineteenth century which sought to revive handcrafts and improve design in an age of increasing mass-production. Key thinkers associated with the movement are William Morris and John Ruskin.


Derived from an element in classical architecture, it is used broadly to refer to any decorative horizontal band running along a wall or piece of furniture.