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The Queer Code | Secret Languages of LGBTQ+ Art

Explore the visual symbols and language used by LGBTQ+ artists and communities to suggest hidden identities. Oscar Wilde and his circle famously wore a green carnation as a signifier of their identities. These flowers are just one example of the many visual symbols throughout history, which hinted at secret sexualities and identities that had been hidden. So what other coded symbols can we find in the history of queer art? How did today's artist reference and re-use them? And how have hidden symbols transitioned to a wider and more expressive queer visual language?

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Jamie Crewe is an artist based in Glasgow. A beautiful bronze figure with a polished cocotte's head. In this film they speak to us about the role of friction in their work: about exploring queerness, melding the outside with the intimate, and how art can be used to test out thoughts that can't yet be communicated in words.

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Take part

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Free GIF making guides to download. Learn a new skill. Have a go at mixing up artworks and bringing them to life.

Art Around You

Art activities to try, wherever you are and with whatever you have around you. Free art learning resources for all.

Art in the Open

Spending time outside in nature is great for our wellbeing. Making art and being creative is fun and relaxing – so why not combine both?

Learning resources

Learning resources

Art is a tool that can help us make sense of the world around us. We've gathered resources to help teachers inspire children and young people to develop a positive sense of self, think for themselves, stay well and grow their creativity skills (problem solving, imagination, curiosity and open mindedness).

Inspiring collections

Inspiring collections

New acquistions

This collection presents some of the works acquired in recent years, including painting, works on paper and photography.

Scottish art

In this collection, you can explore a selection of highlights from our collection of Scottish art.


The National Galleries of Scotland has over 96,000 objects in its collection. We have selected just a few of these for you to enjoy.

MacKinnon Collection

This unique collection of Scottish photography represents Scottish life and identity from the 1840s through the 1940s – a century of dramatic transformation and innovation. 


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Past exhibitions

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